Excelon – Banking at its best


Excelon is a powerfull app to manage your money from your mobile phone.

Take control of your banking in a few minutes. Open a Current Account with an IBAN number, Send and Receive money globally, Spend and Withdraw Cash from any location worldwide displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark. Easy, Cheap and Secure!

No more Bank queues and screening. A full banking alternative service is at your hands after signing up and ready to be used instantly.

Upgrading your account akes less than 3 minutes, and will offer you greater limits and functionalities.

Control your money

● Get the App, open an account in 3 minutes, Signing up with us is easy as 1-2-3.

● All your funds in one screen. Its all there! Money, cards and exchange.

● Get instant notifications on your transactions so you always know what’s happening

Go shopping, get cash!

● Shop globally with your Excelon Mastercard and spend your currency of choice in over 25 million locations worldwide accepting Mastercard globally

● Enjoy Zero POS fees for all your In-Store purchases with Excelon Mastercard

● Withdraw cash from your Excelon Mastercard at over 1 million ATM locations worldwide where Mastercard is accepted

Pay and get paid online

● Your current account & IBAN to give you freedom for any type of use you wish

● Send and receive money globally with a fraction of the fees you would have to pay in bank

● Easy top-up by Wire transfer directly to you IBAN, Credit Card, Voucher or even your Exchange profits so you alway have enough to spend

Secure and compliant

● Regulated E-Money operations. Your money is safeguarded by FCA E-Money regulations

● Zero transaction fees

● Your data and transactions are secured by PCI DSS compliant infrastructure

● We are GDPR compliant